TeamSpeak 3: Create your Identity

TeamSpeak 3: Create your Identity

What exactly is identity and what is it used for?

Identity is a .ini file created by the user to keep the privileges stored and always ready to be used.

It is needed when you reinstalled your TeamSpeak and want back the privileges you had in Teamspeak servers.

How to create your identity?

Start your teamspeak client, stay disconnected from all servers, and go to settings > identities (Ctrl+I) in your tab.

Press the add button to create a new identity. Give a name to your identity, call it whatever you want e.g. teamspeak_user1.

Then a nickname is asked, use the name you use in TeamSpeak. Followed by a phonetic nickname that may stay empty.

A unique ID is a set of numbers that creates your personal number. The amount of characters of your ID is handled by the security level.

Security level: The higher the security level, the more difficult your Unique ID becomes to be hacked. The default is 8, which is fine enough.

Now make your identity default by pressing the default button. Press OK and your identity is made successfully!

Import/export of your identity

It is important to export your identity so you may always import it again after you’ve lost your privileges in servers.

Select the identity you want to export and press the export button. You’ll receive a warning message, press YES when done reading.

Now give your identity file a name and store it at a safe location where it won’t be lost or forgotten. Press save and your identity is exported.

To import your identity, press the import button and browse to the location where you’ve saved your identity.ini file, and press OK.

Then make it active by selecting your identity and pressing default. Now you may connect to the TeamSpeak server and you’ll have back your privileges!

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