Tips to stay safe and exceptional facts about web3 wallets

Tips to stay safe and exceptional facts about web3 wallets

Do you know the web3 ecosystem can be accessed via web3 wallets? Of course, yes. Web3 wallets are sometimes used as crypto wallets. One can use it to buy, sell and keep digital assets. Additionally, web3 wallets help users gain access to decentralized applications. 

Of course, we know that all the above-listed points about web3 wallets are not new to you. But there’s a need to learn more about it. Knowledge of web3 wallets should go beyond knowing their meaning. 

Also, do you know that not only would web3 wallets give you access to dApps? It would also give you direct access to the decentralized web. Honestly, things are happening. Technology advancement these days is more than what the mouth can tell. 


You will be behind if you are not conversant with what is happening in the crypto space and the technological advances like the web3 wallets. Therefore, on this page, we will discuss the essential things you need to know about web3 wallets like how web3 non-custodial wallet work. Are you ready for the ride? Let’s ride! 

Web3 wallets

The idea behind the future version of the web, referred to as Web 3.0, is that mainstream users would be linked via a decentralized network and have the right of entry to their own data. Now, what are web3 wallets? 

A web3 wallet is a unique way to connect with decentralized applications. This is possible using either hardware or software. Web3 wallets are online portals that grant access to the web 3.0 universe. They are wallets that function so close to crypto wallets.

Furthermore, web3 wallets can be regarded as online wallets. Remember, the world is going digital. Therefore, people prefer to have digital assets like Ethereum and non-fungible tokens. Hence, web3 wallets are online platforms where investors and every individual can store digital assets.

Furthermore, with web3 wallets, one can receive crypto assets from other crypto users. Also, one can swap tokens with other users. There are two types of web3 wallets. We have the cold wallets and the hot wallets. Web3 wallets are safe from hackers. You only need to protect your private keys. A private key is like a security code.

A web3 wallet can also be regarded as a crypto wallet. Some of the best web3 wallets in 2023 are the rainbow wallet, meta mask wallet, trust wallet, exodus wallet, coinbase wallet, trezor wallet, desktop wallet, and other hardware wallets. One can also have more than one wallet. All you need is a browser extension.

The purpose of web3 wallets

It is essential to know the purpose of a web3 wallet. The purpose of creating web3 wallets is to change people’s online identity. It is one of the ways to make people’s online identity to be accessed easily. Let’s discuss some applications of web3 wallets. 

Asset administration

If you want to maintain your digital assets, you can only do that via a web3 wallet. There are two famous digital assets in this age: cryptocurrency and NFTs. Therefore, a system that’ll handle cryptocurrency and NFTs is highly needed. Or else they won’t be a safer place. And because NFTs and cryptocurrency are based on the blockchain, a system to handle them is required. 

So, users can now buy and build cryptocurrency with their wallets. However, there are ways to engross digital assets on the blockchain without a web3 wallet. That’s not where we are going. 

The function of web3 wallets

Over the years, we notice there has been a misconception. People believe a web3 wallet can store their assets inside the wallet. No! Digital assets are held or kept on an available blockchain address.

In this era, wallets now have their exceptional public address. The address is connected to the user’s online ID. And this makes it be to be by anyone. That said, people can see a user’s current holdings and transaction antiquity. 

Public address

Public wallet addresses usually start with “0x.” And they are forty-two characters long. With the user’s public address, users can transfer assets such as non-fungible tokens, bitcoin, and Ethereum. 


It is essential to note that users cannot choose their wallet address. The public address will be created for new users automatically. Thus, now that your public address is visible, you can share it with anyone. Of course, our advice for you is to keep your address within you. You can only share it with people if you want to transact with others. 

Recovering word

You, your wallet, and your digital possessions are all protected from loss and theft by recovery words. They are almost universally used in cryptocurrency wallets and are much safer than conventional passwords (and even some Web3 DApps).

The secret to your wallet and all the money inside is the 12-word backup phrase. When you first configure your Atomic Wallet, a string of 12 lowercase words is produced randomly.

How many words are permitted in a wallet recovery phrase? Once you’ve entered your twelve words phrases into a new wallet, you can restore your wallet on another device. 

The length of a personal recovery phrase often referred to as a mnemonic phrase or a seed phrase, can vary, although it is typically twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four words. 

What occurs if your crypto recovery phrase is lost? You may still use your blockchain wallet to retrieve your cryptocurrency if you lose your seed phrase. In this circumstance, you should instantly move all of your money out of the blockchain wallet. Please send them to a different wallet you use or to a cryptocurrency exchange where you have an account.

Can your twelve words recovery phrase be modified? A related recovery phrase is generated when you initially establish a wallet. This recovery phrase is an immutable value. Thus it cannot be changed. However, please take note: Using this recovery phrase, you can retrieve your wallet from another device if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

On a final note

You need to know more about mobile wallets. Also, web3 wallets are available on mobile apps. In other words, you can use them on your mobile phone. Then, let us share some reliable web3 wallets with you. You can use a coin base wallet or an exodus wallet. Yes! A coin base wallet is a mobile wallet. 

Finally, we hope you’ve seen something inspiring here. Please feel free to share your thought regarding this topic with us. Thanks for reading! 

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